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whAt DoEs FriEnDship mEAn to you

what does friendship mean to you? 友谊对你来说有什么意义? It's a fantastic experience in whole of my life.Friendship to me is what water to fish.I can't live without a real friend. 这是我一生中绝美的体验。友谊之于我就如同水之...


Friendship means a special emotion to me.It's a precious spirit that different from the love between families,lovers,but it's important ,even sometimes more important than those emotions.Friendship is the most clean and refined...

And what’s it?19. FRIENDSWhat does friendship mean to you?Do you have a lot of friends?Do you prefer to be alone or to be with friends?What ...


I think you mean you heat(hate) me or We are not friends any more.However,there's Nothing I know, and I want to know nothing.. 我觉得你的意思是你恨我,或者说我们的友谊结束了。。但我不知道是什么原因,而且也不想知道。。。

11.What does “A friend in need is a friend indeed” mean to you?12.What do you think are the important things that contribute to the friendship?...



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