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whAt DoEs FriEnDship mEAn to you

what does friendship mean to you? 友谊对你来说有什么意义? It's a fantastic experience in whole of my life.Friendship to me is what water to fish.I can't live without a real friend. 这是我一生中绝美的体验。友谊之于我就如同水之...

Friendship means a special emotion to me.It's a precious spirit that different from the love between families,lovers,but it's important ,even sometimes more important than those emotions.Friendship is the most clean and refined...


小题1:B小题1:A小题1:C小题1:D小题1:A 小题1:细节题:从第一段的句子:Think about their interests, hobbies, needs and happiest moments. 可知买礼物前要考虑这个人的兴趣,需求,和爱好。选B小题1:细节题:文章多次提到special这个单词,说...


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