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tABlEspoon DAily意思

“1tablespoon daily”意思为:每天一大汤匙(的量)。 tablespoon:大汤匙,大调羹; 一大汤匙的量; daily:每日的,日常的; 一日的; 每日一次的; 每个工作日的; 扩展资料 tablespoon 餐匙,汤匙(尤用于分食物) a large spoon, used espec...

日常的汤匙 一般来说有tea spoon(茶匙 - 较小的)跟table spoon (汤匙 - 较大的).

1teaspoon-daily 每天1茶匙 权威例句 1. Examples of the power of linked data arise daily. 来自SA 2. Boston will heal and normal daily routines will resume. 来自WSJ 3. This helps avoid moving the market during daily trading. 来自WSJ

teaspoon daily 每天一茶匙 双语对照 例句: 1. Studies show many americans consume close to twice therecommended limit of sodium, which is a teaspoon, or 6grams daily. 研究表明,许多美国人每天要摄入一茶匙或六克的钠,这将近是摄入限...

for children 4-8 years : 1 table spoon daily 适合4~8岁儿童,每天一餐匙。

打错字了,是tablesppon 每天服用一汤匙,用药可含糊不得

daily KK: [] DJ: [] a. 1. 每日的;日常的 These workers are paid on a daily basis. 这些工人领的是日薪。 There was little change in their daily lives. 他们的日常生活几乎没有变化。 ad. 1. 每日 My father goes for a walk daily. 我父...

tablespoon吧? 大勺每天, 剂量吧


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