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olivEr twist怎么读

有耐心的话,认真学习音标配合语音,现如今哪个翻译词典以及百度Google都配的.如下英音 [liv ] [twst]美音[lv ] [twst]准度有限的话,那谐音如下:奥丽佛儿 退喂斯特.

雾都孤儿这本书吗?This book is very touching.I am really impressed.The character was very poor.But she is very strong.Even if life was hard, he never gave up his own life.I think everything will be fine.This is what Oliver twist taught me.

After off and on for over half a month, I finished reading the novel of "Oliver Twist" at last.你的翻译是错误的.

dickens, charles (john huffam) (born feb. 7, 1812, portsmouth, hampshire, eng.-died june 9, 1870, gad's hill, near chatham, kent) british novelist, generally considered the greatest of the victorian period. the defining moment of dickens's life occurred


Oliver Twist 是《雾都孤儿》里面的 主人公名字,奥利佛退斯特.只是个名字,没有什么特别的意思. 希望以上内容对您有帮助,如果您认可我的回答,请采纳为满意答案 祝您生活愉快

以上两篇应该是斯蒂文森《金银岛》和狄更斯的《雾都孤儿》吧 说雾都孤儿吧~读后感就是,小说主要反映刚刚通过了济贫法的英国社会最底层现实生活.富人的弃婴奥立佛在孤儿院挣扎了9年,又被送到棺材店老板那儿学徒.难以忍受的饥饿

oliver[英][liv][美][lv]n.脚踏铁槌双语例句1.Oliver filched a packet of cigarettes from a well-dressed passenger.奥立佛从一名衣冠楚楚的乘客身上偷得一包香烟.2.Oliver is acting tonight.奥利弗今晚演出.3.Oliver lingered no longer, but

1. To Regain the Nature of Goodness -- Review of 'Oliver Twist' Oliver Twist, one of the most famous works of Charles Dickens', is a novel reflecting the tragic fact of the life in Britain in 18th century. The author who himself was born in a poor

1 A: what do you think Oliver Twist of the book B: I don't know, I haven't seen A: oh, right, this book is very good-looking, I recommend that you read this book B: yes, I went back to look at, hope we won't let me down 2 A: hi! Good morning, what are


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