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不是全等, move away 指的是移开,移走. move out 不仅指移走,还有一种把什么东西从另一个东西里拿出来的意思,比上面那个更具体一点.


全把实义动词变成动名词 例如:moving in......

如下: Uh,yeah,I stopped by to see if you were still looking for a roommate to share your house,.My brother wants to move out. 恩,是的,我停下来看看你是否还在寻找室友合住,我哥哥正想搬家。 Yep,Isure am.Ever since i cut back ...

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ok 是好 move是快点 out是出去, 组起来是 好吧我们快点滚吧,意思是,马上退游戏,别被人杀了。 但在游戏设定是说准备好了没? 快点,我们出去开干。

一首英文歌 男的唱的 高潮部分是 什么 i like move it out什么的 然后又唱一遍 move拉得很长很好听,叫《Moves Like Jagger》。 歌名:Moves Like Jagger 所属专辑:《Moves Like Jagger》 歌手:Maroon 5 歌词: Just you shoot for the stars ...

teenagers are allowed to move out at sixteen or seventeen.Their parents believe that they should be educated to take care of themselves from a young age...


moveinandoutofjobs 没有这个词,只能分开翻译 movein 移动 out of jobs 失业的


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