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mix…up与mix with用法

mix up with 是固定搭配,应该说 oil doesn't mix up with water.or they don't get mixed

mix with混合 mix up混搭

mix up,mix and和mix with的区别为:读音不同、含义不同、用法不同.一、读音不同1.mix up 读音:英 [mks p] 美 [mks p] 2.mix and读音:英 [mks nd , nd] 美 [mks nd , nd] 3.mix with 读音:英 [mks w]

两者完全不同.mix with:把东西混合起来.oil does not mix with water.油不能和水融合在一起 mix up:-to confuse; confound:使弄不清:使混乱;混淆:his explanation just mixed me up more.i always mix up the twins.他的解释令我更加糊涂了.我总是把这对双胞胎弄混-to involve or implicate:牵涉或牵连:he got himself mixed up with the wrong people.他与那些坏人为伍

mix up 混淆;拌和;调和 比如: 1 Don't mix up this pair of synonyms.别把这两个近义词混淆了.The bar runs the length of the room, and bartenders mix up potent drinks made with freshly-pressed juices.吧台与房间的长度一致,而酒保用鲜榨的果汁混合制成酒性的饮料. mix with 和…混合 Sam used to mix with those people. 萨姆过去常与那些人交往.

mix up 混淆;拌和;调和例句: don't mix up different kinds of seeds.不要把不同的种子混杂在一起.2. i can't stand it when bartenders mix up their orders.(我不能忍受酒保搞混了客人点的东西.)3. mix up with miso sauce, then set luffa up in plate and pour sauce.味噌淋汁材料混合,将丝瓜摆盘,淋上酱汁即可.

Don ' t mix with the yogurt and the juice mix up , I don ' t like it . [ 辨析 ] mix up 混入 ( 之前叮嘱不要混入 ) mix with 混入 ( 指明不能混入事物 ) mix into 混入 ( 之前如已混入 ) mix down 混入 ( 已混入 ) mix 指明动作目标 mixed 动作已完成

mix [miks]vt.配制;混淆 vi.相混合;交往 n.混合(物) (这个词的意思很广泛,关于混合的都可以用)mix up n.混淆,弄混,弄乱(这个词的意思偏向于“混淆”)mix有及物动词,不及物动词,名词的意思,但是mix up是个词组,是名词,两者

两者完全不同.Mix with:把东西混合起来.Oil does not mix with water.油不能和水融合在一起mix up:-To confuse; confound:使弄不清:使混乱;混淆:His explanation just mixed me up more.I always mix up the twin

都可以加宾语的 As a result the second half was far less competitive than the first,with Manchester United happy to sit on their lead and Leeds less keen to mix it up with Friday's league encounter aga



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