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look Down At sB 和look Down on sB的区别?怎么用

  look down to和look down on的区别主要是:look down at sb.

look down to和look down on的区别主要是: 1、look down at sb

好像没什么区别,请参考 look down one's nose at someone o

虽然有向下看的意思,但是通常是俯视角度,应该说 Look at my watch 比较顺口 例如:

  应该是look down at the water 表示向下看着水,而look down on的

look down on 看不起;轻视;蔑视 例: And since our oppone

look down on [英][luk daun ɔn][美][l&#

“look down on/upon”是“轻视、蔑视、看不起”的意思。 例:I wasn'

look on sb .up and down是上下打量。。。 而look on sb .up 只

look down on[英][luk daun ɔn] [美][l


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