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i DrAw A lot piCturEs EvEryDAy 对吗

i draw a lot of pictures everyday i draw many pictures everyday

I draw a picture. 我画一幅画. 题中 "a pictures" 应改为“a picture "

语法上是没有问题的, I draw pictures. 我画画。 但是一般不会这么单说, 通常会说: I usually/always draw pictures. I draw pictures all the time.


When I was younger I used to be wild As wild as an elephant\'s child No one could hold me down No one could keep me around Now it\'s your turn, take a shot Baby show me everything that you got Maybe you can keep me alive Maybe ...

这个句子有问题 like doing sth或者like to do sth 相同意义的还有 love doing(to do) sth enjoy doing sth. be fond of doing sth. I like drawing(to draw) pictures. I like drawing(to draw) a picture. I like drawing.

B 考查名词。Paper是不可数名词,一张纸用a piece of paper;100张纸用100 pieces of paper。所以 选B。

原文修正为:I draw a picture for my story. 句意为: 我为我的故事画了一幅插图。 供参考。

she likes drawing pictures. 她喜欢画画。 对drawing pictures 提问: What does she like? 或者What does she like to do? 或What's her Hobbies?

It was the foreign visitors that took a lot of beautiful draws.


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