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hAppy wEEkEnD这句话中文是什么意思?

happy weekend 快乐的周末

happy weekend 周末快乐 双语例句 1 MY HAPPY WEEKEND OK, let me tell you something about my weekend. 我的快乐周末好,让我告诉你一些有关我的周末。 2 Finally I wish you have a happy weekend! We look forward to cooperating withyou! ...

快乐的周末 weekend [英][ˌwi:kˈend][美][ˈwi:kend] n.周末; 星期六和星期日(或略长一点的)休息时间; vi.过周末,度周末; adj.周末的;

你好,不对的,你这属于中文式的翻译,应该是I am happy at my weekends.

i wish you all happy weekend 祝大家周末愉快 双语例句 1 I wish we can make more friends here and learn something useful. Again, very glad to meet you! Wish all of you a happy weekend! 希望我们在这里可以交到更多的朋友,学到更多的...

happy weekend farmer market,very fresh的中文翻译 happy weekend farmer market,very fresh 快乐周末农贸市场,非常新鲜


have a happy weekend 有一个愉快的周末 很高兴为您解答 如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问

My weekend I often have fun on my weekend. I often go to the library to read books on Saturday morning. After lunch,I go swimming with my friends.On Saturday night,I hold a party at home and invite many friends. On sunday mor...

I start the pleasent weekend on Saturday,planning to go to the park for fun.I wake up at 7 o'clock with excitement and delight.After breakfest,we drive to the park.The sky is blue and everything is beautiful.We enjoy ourserves ...


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