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hAppy wEEkEnD这句话中文是什么意思?

happy weekend 周末快乐 双语例句 1 MY HAPPY WEEKEND OK, let me tell you something about my weekend. 我的快乐周末好,让我告诉你一些有关我的周末。 2 Finally I wish you have a happy weekend! We look forward to cooperating withyou! ...

happy weekend 快乐的周末

快乐的周末 weekend [英][ˌwi:kˈend][美][ˈwi:kend] n.周末; 星期六和星期日(或略长一点的)休息时间; vi.过周末,度周末; adj.周末的;

周末愉快! 一般是在与人聊天的时候,若第二天为周末,在告别的时候比较常用

happy weekend farmer market,very fresh的中文翻译 happy weekend farmer market,very fresh 快乐周末农贸市场,非常新鲜

i wish you all happy weekend 祝大家周末愉快 双语例句 1 I wish we can make more friends here and learn something useful. Again, very glad to meet you! Wish all of you a happy weekend! 希望我们在这里可以交到更多的朋友,学到更多的...

是不是用在口语里的?如果是,就类似于happy birthday 那种结构吧,省略句 (I wish you a) happy birthday


I start the pleasent weekend on Saturday,planning to go to the park for fun.I wake up at 7 o'clock with excitement and delight.After breakfest,we drive to the park.The sky is blue and everything is beautiful.We enjoy ourserves ...

Saturday morning after I got up earlier and had some breakfast,I went to school.I was excited.On the schoolbus,we sang and did some riddle games,and we were very happy.When we reached XXXX Park,there were many people,and the sc...


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