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FrAmEs oF rEFErEnCE是什么意思

frames of reference n.参照系,观点,理论( frame of reference的名词复数 ); 例句: 1. Hire people with different frames of reference from our own, or at least find a way tobring their point of view to the table. 录用参照系与我们不...

frames of reference 参照系 、观点 亲,如有帮助,请采纳!!!~\(≧▽≦)/~ 您的采纳是我前进的动力,因为您的采纳,我们会更好、更多帮助其他人。 祝您学习工作生活顺心如意!!!家庭和谐美满幸福!!!!

50 of our faovrite frames 我们爱好的相框中的50个。。。

Frames of reference are structures of assumptions and experiences that frame an individual’s tacit points of view and influence their thinking, beliefs, ...

the redemption of Renault is absolutely unjustified and comes only because this was the final requirement the movie had to meet in order to be a perfect Epos of Frames对雷诺是绝对没有道理的,赎回来,无非是因为这是最后一个要求影...



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