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For ExAmplE 的缩写为什么是E.g.

准确的说它不是example的缩写,而是源于拉丁文exempli gratia。而如果出现在文中,念做“for example”。 出处: e.g.=exempli gratia (for example) 2.“例如”其他单词 such as for instance 3.eg例句: 一,eg: Your future depends on your dr...

e.g.并不是for example的缩写而是"example given"的缩写意思是“所给出的例子”即便两个意思相近,但是缩写一般来说肯定顾名思义,是根据每个单词的首字母来的。

e.g. = exempli gratia (拉丁) 意思是 “像这个例子:”

e.g.并不是for example的缩写 而是"example given"的缩写 意思是“所给出的例子” 即便两个意思相近,但是缩写一般来说肯定顾名思义,是根据每个单词的首字母来的,不能说缩写就是for example! 希望能帮助到你, 如果满意望采纳!:)

例如的英文: for exampleused to emphasize sth that explains or supports what you are saying; used to give an example of what you are saying 例如;譬如 双语例句: There is a similar word in many languages, for example in French ...

for example eg.

etc adv. 等等及其他; 诸如此类 She knew all about my schoolwork, my hospital work etc. 她知道有关我的学业、医院工作等所有的一切。

I like many food.For example,I like vegetables, I like peas, pea flowers are white or purple, pea is green, I like to eat them. By ...


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