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歌曲名:Flesh and Bone 歌手:Matt Maher 专辑:Alive Again Matt Maher - Flesh and Bone I met a man who walked on water And wore His crown like a blue collar I met a man who welcomed children Like they were ambassadors to a kingdom ...

歌曲名:Flesh And Bone 歌手:Bon Jovi 专辑:100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can'T Be Wrong... Shontelle - Flesh And Bone Baby take a minute let me sit you down Been waiting for the time and the time is now I think you should decide wher...

Leon Patillo - Flesh Of My Flesh 歌词: You are flesh of my flesh Bone of my bone There's no one closer You are flesh of my flesh Bone of my bone We are one I do pledge my life to you Forever and always I will take good care of...

bred in the bone 天生的、骨子里的 what is bred in the bone will go out the flesh 本性难移 加上一个not就是LS所说的意思:生于骨中者不会出肉外,不知道这个谚语是代表什么意思


bone of the bone and flesh of the flesh. 骨中骨和肉中肉。

I am flesh and I am bone.Rise up, ting ting, like glitter and gold.I've got fire in my soulRise up, ting ting, like glitter...Like glitter ...

glitter and gold


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