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FAthEr's DAy怎么读

father /'fɑðə(r)/ day /deɪ/ 这是单词的音标,用中文标注的话大致是 发得子呆


happy father's day 父亲节快乐;爸爸;告诉父亲你爱他 例句 1.Happy Father's Day, grand dad. 父亲节快乐,爷爷。 2.I will be always your little girl. Happy Father's Day! 我将永远是您的小女儿。 3.Happy Father's Day to you, my dear f...

Happy 嗨屁 father's 发瑟丝 Day 得(dei) 整句话的意思是父亲节快乐

你好! father's day n. 父亲节(每年六月份的第三个星期日)

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Happy fathers'day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 如果你肯定我的回答,请采纳哦~~~ 如有不懂,可以追问~~~ ^.^

人们都说:“熟读唐诗三百首,不会作诗也会吟[6] 。”可见《唐诗三百首》影响之大。

Father's Day 父亲节 双语对照 词典结果: Father's Day n.父亲节(每年6月的第三个星期日);  易混淆单词:father's day 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. The warm wishes from grandson on father's day. 您的孙儿在父亲节送上温馨的祝福。

Yesterday was Father's Day. I had planned to give my father a present. But I didn't remember it until in the morning.It was too late to post a card to him. So I decided to buy something. When I was in the department store. I ...


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