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CAn hE DrAw piCturEs.否定回答

can he draw pictures.否定回答:No, he can't.

draw pictures 中文意思:画图画; 画画,画图; 例句 Users can highlight text, write using their finger on documents including pdfs and drawpictures. 用户可以让文本高亮显示,用手指在包括PDF在内的各种文件上写字、画画。 draw [英][dr&...

Can any can't

3.He taught English (20 years ago)(提问) When did he teach Engilah? 4.Thank you for your help (同义句) Thank you for (helping ) (me ). 5.Go along this road to the end.(同义句) Go along this road(at ) (the )(end )( of )the ro...

i can't draw any picture. 这里面考的是否定的时候改成单数。 no i'm not.完整回答是no i am not doing my housework.

This isn't a desk Grandpa didn't tell stories to us every evening He can‘t draw pictures He hasn't a nice watch They didn't do a lot of homework at school You mustn't play f football here They aren't having an English class Pet...

疑问句: Will the girls draw pictures? 肯定回答:Yes, they will. 否定回答: No, they won't.

amy can't draw pictures


变为: Lucy can't perform ballet or draw pictures. can't 也可以写成 cannot 或 can not 另外一种非常规变化形式如下: Lucy can neither perform ballet nor draw pictures.


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