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英 [bai plein] by plane 意思:乘飞机 短语: 1.leave by next plane 搭下一班飞机去 2.rescue by sea plane 海上飞机救护 3.by aerospace plane 乘坐航天飞机 4.by airby plane 坐飞机 5.Photo Flight By Sea Plane 水上飞机拍摄 | 水上飞机航...

by Plane 的读音 by 单词音标: 英[baɪ] 美[baɪ] plane 单词音标: 英[pleɪn] 美[plen]

败 噗愣

many people love going on a trip by plane , but an airport is usually fat from the city . you have to arrive there and wait for hours ...


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