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您好: as busy as a bee 像蜜蜂一样忙碌 双语对照 词典结果: as busy as a bee [英][æz ˈbizi æz ə bi:][美][æz ˈbɪzi æz e bi] 忙得团团转; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Mum is always as busy a...

歌曲名:Busy-Busy-Bee 歌手:Bonnie Pink 专辑:カイト 「Busy-Busy-Bee」 作词∶BONNIE PINK 作曲∶BONNIE PINK 歌∶BONNIE PINK 今日は何の日だっけ Time to get up 起き抜けの水コップ一杯一気 谁も代わりに起きてなんてくんない 占いじゃ今日はラ...


a busy bee 一个高效率的人 忙碌的蜜蜂


be busy bee的中文翻译 be busy bee 忙碌的蜜蜂 双语例句 1 Expect to be quite a busy bee. 准备好做一只忙碌的小蜜蜂吧。 2 I'll be as busy as a bee if I want to finish all my homework before the semester is over. 如果我想要在学期结...

as busy as bee 像蜜蜂一样忙碌

1.if the Busy Bees want to visit Mr Zhao,they can by bus. 2.if they have a lot of money,they can by taxi.

I am as busy as a bee./I'm so busy, just like a bee.

像蜜蜂一样忙,就是忙得团团转的意思了。 补充几个相同的句型: as busy as a bee 极忙碌(像蜜蜂一样忙碌) as cool as a cucumber 极为冷静的(像黄瓜一样冷静) as easy as a pie 极容易(像馅饼一样容易) as happy as Larry格外高兴,对事...


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