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MAkE LovE ToDAy奕担響?


Make Love Today = MLT = 醍=M 星=L 面=T 醍星面。

yesterday-M80 OHH yesterday shawty clubOHH yesterday 低拘哈厘OHH yesterday IN DA MOTELOHH yesterday OH BABY SUCKIT芝誼恍爺絡貧厘哉誼載恪低傍書爺厘頁低議低匯協氏拙OK書絡厘祥屬苧公低心OHSHITMAKELOV ALLNIGHT LONG GIRL屁匚低頁厘...



makelovetoday頁焚担吭房 基 make love to day 吭哉丹議匯爺 泌珊音苧易萩写偬弖諒。 泌惚低範辛厘議指基萩式扮泣似‐寡追葎諾吭指基/梓泥 返字戻諒議涛嗔壓人薩極嘔貧叔得勺泣‐諾吭/軸辛。

葎焚担析頁傍勣萩溺伏郭醍星面,嶬變卷稱巴易阻!醍星面音高将蔀糞旨,珊嗤侮吭´´醍星面=MLT,MLT=Make Love Today,侭參:醍星面=Make Love Today 犯伉利嗔 |...

GD‐幡崗霜/ Yeah Yeah Gonna take you on a joyride today Me and you stay true never hesitate To make love -- Sho nuff You're the only one I¨m ever thinkin' of Just to hold you baby i can hardly wait As we go through the motions...

肇宸倖利嫋心杏 咀葎低頁返字戻諒 嗤忖方渣 侭參音嬬公低梧簡阻http://729178364.blog.163.com/blog/static/8850902320091016134856/

仝やっちゃ々宸鞘三短嗤傍畠。哘乎頁仝やっちゃう々賜宀仝やっちゃった々...=Because my parents has gone out today, shall we make love in my room ...


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