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List thE DiFFErEnCEs BEtwEEn AmEriCAn AnD British

Money wise... Americans spend more than they have, so they are almost always in debt. Chinese spend less or equal to the amount they have, so they always have money left in the bank for emergency. Relationship wise... Americans...

我找到了一个word文档,但是百度不给发链接,你上百度文库输入“英美浪漫主义比较 ”,就能找到了。 另外还有一个: 英国 英国是最早出现浪漫主义文学的国家之一。英国的浪漫主义作家不满于资本主义城市文明的发展,具有愤世嫉俗、归隐自然的倾向...

D 试题分析:考查动词不定式。题意:英式英语和美式英语语法词汇差异很小,很少被人注意。全句是一个固定句式:so + adj. / adv. + as to do sth. as to do sth.在句中用做结果状语。

However,American English is different from British English in several ways. 然而,美式英语与英式英语在许多地方不同。

Use of the Present Perfect In British English the present perfect tense is used to express an action that has occurred in the recent past that has an effect on the present moment. For example: I’ve (I have) lost my key. Can you...


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