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It will soon put FlEsh on your BonEs AnD Color ...

glitter and gold

bred in the bone 天生的、骨子里的 what is bred in the bone will go out the flesh 本性难移 加上一个not就是LS所说的意思:生于骨中者不会出肉外,不知道这个谚语是代表什么意思

歌曲名:Flesh And Bone 歌手:Silvennoinen. Heikki 专辑:Sweet Surrender Matt Maher - Flesh and Bone I met a man who walked on water And wore His crown like a blue collar I met a man who welcomed children Like they were ambassadors...

bone of the bone and flesh of the flesh. 骨中骨和肉中肉。


歌曲名:Flesh And Bone 歌手:Bon Jovi 专辑:100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can'T Be Wrong... Shontelle - Flesh And Bone Baby take a minute let me sit you down Been waiting for the time and the time is now I think you should decide wher...


obsession-Karen O


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