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It is CArElEss ______so mAny mistAkEs. A. For y...

这里就是of和for的区别了哈我们说it is xx FOR sb to do 呢,一般来说都是对“外”的,比如说It is very good for you to eat breakfast. 吃早餐对你有好处.这种情况下一般都是别人对你说的XXX会XXX样而of呢则多侧重于“内”,多是来形容人的本质或者内心怎么样,比如说it is kind of you to say so.你说出这样的话真是太友善了.表示你这个人本身性格就很友善.而这里的careless本身就是别人对你说的“你怎么这么粗心呢”,是你本来就有的性格,所以用of望采纳~

of这个是固定搭配说人怎么样都是用ofIt's (形容词) of sb. to do sth.最常用口语:It's very kind of you to help me.有时候题目不确定可以靠语感很管用的

答案:hasstand many tall trees(倒装)

1.That Tom was elected the president of Students Union occured which is out of my expectation. 2.It is so careless of you to make so many mistakes in the English exam. 3.When Jone visited me It is so happen that I was out. 4.It is clearly that he has

A:他如此粗心,以致常常犯错误.He is so careless that he often makes mistakes.B许多外国人发现学好汉语真不容易.Many foreigners found that it's not easy to learn Chinese well.

答案A以It作形式主语或形式宾语引导的复合句结构中,在表示对人批评或称赞时.使用这样的句型:It+表批评或称赞+of sb.+不定式.

It's so careless of Kitty to make so many mistakes in her writing.

kitty in writing committed so many mistakes really carelessness

A 这是虚拟语气



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