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I likEDrAw piCturEs改成同义句

这个句子有问题 like doing sth或者like to do sth 相同意义的还有 love doing(to do) sth enjoy doing sth. be fond of doing sth. I like drawing(to draw) pictures. I like drawing(to draw) a picture. I like drawing.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . draw改为drawing

to draw或drawing

Can any can't


Are  you going to draw any pictures?

like to do sth 想要做某事 I like to draw picture 表示我想要画画。(画画不一定是你喜欢做的事情) I like doing sth 表示喜欢做某事 I like drawing picture. 我喜欢画画。 (画画是你的一种爱好)

B 考查名词。Paper是不可数名词,一张纸用a piece of paper;100张纸用100 pieces of paper。所以 选B。

draw pictures 中文意思:画图画; 画画,画图; 例句 Users can highlight text, write using their finger on documents including pdfs and drawpictures. 用户可以让文本高亮显示,用手指在包括PDF在内的各种文件上写字、画画。 draw [英][dr&...

疑问句: Will the girls draw pictures? 肯定回答:Yes, they will. 否定回答: No, they won't.


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