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48 英语怎么说

forty eight

48 英语 forty-eight forty 英[ˈfɔ:ti] 美[ˈfɔ:rti] n. 四十; 四十几; adj. 四十的; [例句]He was a big man in his forties, smartly dressed in a suit and tie. 他是一个四十多岁的高大男子,穿西装打领带,看上去很精神...

元音部分: 1)、单元音: [i:]、[i]、[ɔ:]、[ɔ]、[u:]、[u]、[ə:]、[ə]、[ɑ:]、[ʌ]、[e]、[æ] 2)、双元音: [ei]、[ai]、[ɔi]、[iə]、[ɛə]、[uə]、[au] 、[əu] 辅音部分: [p]...

two forty-eight forty-eight past two twelve to three

室内的自行车馆是用木头嵌板做的 它们由350000个钉子连在一起。 赛道是倾斜的,所以骑手们在拐弯处保持直立。


美式英语求简单,会说: Seven forty-eight 英式 twelve minute to eight / twelve to eight

你好! 48和72小时的样品收集已经完成,具体的样品 48 and 72 hours of sample collection has been completed, specific samples

48400 Forty eight thousand four hundred

480,000 four hundred and eighty thousand,注意一定要用and连接,希望帮到你,满意选为满意答案鼓励我哦~~


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