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看看是不是这首? 《Talk Dirty》是美国歌手Jason Derulo的一首单曲,收录于专辑《Tattoos》中。 I'm that flight that you get on, international 我飞翔旅行 你也跟著上 畅游国际 First class seat on my lap, girl, riding comfortable 头等...

exclaimed, ‘Honorable Willow! may you

你这形容的太广泛了 有声源吗 或者可以大概说几句歌词

《Always Getting over you》美国派2的电影插曲

The way I am

Ride On播放歌手:Oh Susanna语言:英语所属专辑:sleepy little sailor发行时间

Low - Flo Rida Mmmmmmmm Let me talk to 'em Let me talk to 'em Mmmmmmm Let me talk to 'em C'mon! [Chorus (T-Pain):] Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans) Boots with the fur (with the fur) The whole club was looking at...

Summer - Calvin Harris When I met you in the summer 当我在夏天遇到你 To my heartbeat's sound 我听见自己心跳的声音 We fell in love 我们相爱了 As the leaves turned brown 当树叶变黄 And we could be together baby 我们还能在一起宝贝...

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