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这首歌名字是 Leaving On A Jet Plane 好像有很多人唱过,你听的女声版本可能是CHANTAL KREVIAZUK唱的,以下是歌词: I'm I'm All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go I'm standin' here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say

Some Small Way -Katrina Carlson Katrina Carlson - Some Small Way lyricsSomehow, someday,somewhere, somewaySorry won't be hard to saySometime, someplace,some stroke of graceWill stop the rain,

Never In A Million Years

是 有里知知花道的内 《I cry》容http://www.car.cn/song/Icry.mp3

王若琳 - Lost In Paradise 词曲:Peter Sven Kvint/Vincent Degiorgio 编曲:吕绍淳 I know that it might sound strange But you made my seasons start to change It happened so suddenly Like heaven has waited up for me I've just been looking so

歌手:westlife 歌曲:swear it again I wanna knowwho ever told you I was letting goof the only joy I had ever knowngirl they were lyingjust look aroundand all the people that we used to knowhave just given up the wanna let it gobut we're still tryingso

Hey Baby 去酷狗听听看是不是

《Show My Love》是Ashmont Hill的

歌曲名为《Gravity》,歌词如下;看看是它吧 Something always brings me back to you. 总有东西能把我带回你身边 It never takes too long. 从来不用花很长时间 No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone. 不论我说什么

“容易受伤的女人”的英文版 英文歌名不知道是 leep in loving you 还是 leep on loving you 但是两个都能搜到 歌词 i have been waiting for the time waiting for you to say you're mine can't hide these feelings inside let me hold you tonight i really



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