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这是什么事 用英文怎么说

What happened? What's the matter? What' s wrong?

The original reason of this matter is...

When was it ?

trifle 小事,琐事[C] A mere trifle brought about a quarrel between the brothers. 一点儿小事引起了兄弟间一场争吵。 另外表示事件常用词语有: a. event通常指具有很大影响、意义大的事件或运动会的比赛项目。如: Can you remember the eve...

It's not a big deal. 这是地道的英文表达方式。

可以翻译成小事一桩,it is a piece of cake. So, l 可以翻译成小事一桩,it is a piece of cake. 您还可以选择使用it’s no big deal. 但上一个更加地道。

How are you getting along with the work? How are things making out? How is your work coming along? 你说的“How is it going ?”也可以 How is thing going,这句语法没错,但一般不用

There are many reasons for this situation

All mentioned above indicates the different reasons that contribute to the phenomenon.

I have something important to tell you !


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