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这是什么事 用英文怎么说

The story/thing is like this

When was it ?

The original reason of this matter is...

It's not a big deal. 这是地道的英文表达方式。

trifle 小事,琐事[C] A mere trifle brought about a quarrel between the brothers. 一点儿小事引起了兄弟间一场争吵。 另外表示事件常用词语有: a. event通常指具有很大影响、意义大的事件或运动会的比赛项目。如: Can you remember the eve...

这是事实 网络释义 这是事实:That's a fact 他就将它治好,这是事实。:He'll fix it and that's the truth 他受到了热情接待,这是事实。:he was received with great affection, it is true

不能这样说的,感觉怪怪的,应该是the things happened as follows

What was it that led to this happening?

what's matter


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