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这是什么事 用英文怎么说

what's up? what's this about?

你有什么事吗?用在哪里的? 如果场景是你坐在办公室内,突然外面进来了个人来办事,这个时候你会问他,你有什么事吗? 对应的英文可以是这样说:what can i do for you, sir?或者是how can I help you? 如果场景是你走在路上碰到一个人有很痛苦...

什么原因? 英文:What's the reason? 原因 英文:cause; reason; account; master sheet causation

When was it ?

不能这样说的,感觉怪怪的,应该是the things happened as follows

The original reason of this matter is...

可以翻译成小事一桩,it is a piece of cake. So, l 可以翻译成小事一桩,it is a piece of cake. 您还可以选择使用it’s no big deal. 但上一个更加地道。

How are you getting along with the work? How are things making out? How is your work coming along? 你说的“How is it going ?”也可以 How is thing going,这句语法没错,但一般不用

I have nothing special to do this afternoon. Nothing special should be done for me this afternoon. I have nothing peculiar to do this afternoon.

There are many reasons for this situation


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