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站在爱的影子里 的英文怎么说

Wherever you go, I will be with you like your shadow and accompany you forever.

Shadow Lover或者Shadows Of Love

shadow lover The shadow 影子[yǐng zi] shadow; reflection; trace; sign; silhouette; 爱人 lover 句: 1. 做一些那样的小事能表现出你仍然在乎你的爱人。 Doing something as little as that can show your lover that you still care.

The Ghost Lover 影子爱人 记得有一部电影叫 影子写手 ,英文电影名就是 The Ghost Writer 可以参考下

Shadows of Love

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I think I'm in love with you, the mind is your shadow, ear often echoed the sound of your voice

1, people often put some things behind, some moments in life branding in the time the dust, we can try to ignore, but these trivial things but bit by bit to form a chain, will you firmly with the past together. 1、人们常常把一...

翻译成英文是The love story of the shadow下图是翻译截图

中文:影子爱人 韩语:그림자 연인 / 그림자 애인 读音:geu rim ja yeon in / geu rim ja ae in


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