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你的英语没有进步 这句子都翻不了

Finally,I was able to finish the work with the hel

在我和朋友的帮助下他有了很大的进步和改变. With the help of my friends

  在朋友的帮助下,我会游泳了   With the help of my friends, I

Dear XXX Till to-date I haven't received your

翻译的逻辑没啥问题,结构也还好,老外能看懂但是,有许多语法错误。 我帮你修改了一下,你看看。 Th

With some help from my friends, I passed the math

Man motivated, a play, a moral bottom line, can do

为什么要用一般现在时,应该用一般过去时吧。 I find the house owner also

a missing payment表示任何一次漏交房租的情况。你表达的意思是漏交了房租。是都没交


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