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China will take place Winter Olympic Games.

a good thing takes place

take place 后可放置两种词(1)后可接某个地方 example:This accident took place in Beijing. (2) 后可接某个时间 example:This story took place three years ago.

Great changes have taken place in my hometown.我的家乡发生了巨大的变化.The evening party will take place on New Year's Eve.晚会将在除夕那天举行.The story took place in 1961.这个故事发生在1961年.

take place 表示发生.比如:Great changes have taken place in China since 1978.自从1978年以来,中国发生了很大的变化.


I took part in their game many years ago.take part 是参加的意思,我许多年前参加过他们的游戏The event took place many years ago. take place指事情发生,那件事发生在多年前

take place v.发生 例句: Lengthy negotiations must take place before any agreement can be reached. 要进行多次长时间谈判才能达成协议.The fete will take place on Sunday, rain or shine. 游园义卖会定于星期日举行,风雨无阻. The meeting will take place soon. 会议即将举行.

Local and european elections, which take place on june 4th, have a wayof crowding out other news. 将在6月4日举行的地方与欧洲议会选举,例来会排挤其他新闻.www.ecocn.org4.Where does it take place? 这个场景发生在哪里?article.yeeyan.org

可以用现在完成时 但不能加时间段 因为它们是短暂性的 比如 great changes have taken place in my hometown since 1978.


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