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China will take place Winter Olympic Games.

Great changes have taken place in my hometown. 我的

Where does it take place? 这个场景发生在哪里? ------

take place 发生 take the place of 取代 例句如下: Gr

Great changes have taken place in our hometown. ta

Take your places, please, we are about to start. 各

happen / take place 它们都可以表示“发生”, 但是在用法上有区别. 1)ha

take place通常指“(某事)按计划进行或按计划发生.” 比如: Great change

take place后可放置两种词: (1)后可接某个地方 The hour-long sessio

take place 与take sb place 的区别是:意思不同、用法不同 一、意思不同 1、


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