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Notice The time of the New Year's Party is 2:00 pm December the 30th, located at activity center ! At that time all students will out of class!

1. Our English teacher will hold a party, invited students to participate in class. 2. Evening Time: 18:00; Location: In the 102 teachers. Ask each student to prepare to sing songs in English or in English to tell a joke.

NOTICEWe're going to have interesting activities in the school library at 8:00 a.m on November 20, 2002. By then,some of us will read poems and some will tell stories. You can also hear wonderful singing and watch beautiful dancing there. We

Notice of A Lecture Attention please! There will be a lecture about how to maintain health, choose healthy food and get away from sickness held on Wednesday. Please find

noticeall bastatd attention,Now we want and order all guy stay together at classroom of class 1 grade 2 at the new years day. when new year's day comes nearly, the gad damn leaders want to show their annual contributions of this mid school to their

Notice There will be a National Day celebration in the Student Hall ,at 7 ,in September 30 . Famous singers will give us brilliant performances then. I hope both the students and the teachers should take a active part in it on time .


假如你是班长,根据下面的内容和提示,写一篇100左右的口头通知,以便向同学们宣布.事由:欢迎澳大利亚学生来校参观.参观时间:6月15日上午9:00-12:00.参观人数:约60人.活动安排:1. 8:30在校门口. 2. 9:00带客人到会议室开联欢

Here is an annoucment:there is a meeting at 4 pm this Saturday in the reading room and all members of the art club are required to attend. The meeting is about the movie display. Thank you.


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