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【威尼斯中英双语简介】 Venice is a city in northern Italy, 威尼斯位于意大利南部 It is a beautiful city above water. 它是一个美丽的水上城市 Venezia is a city of small islands, enhanced during the Middle Ages by the dredging of s...

威尼斯历史介绍 威尼斯是一个美丽的城市,它建筑在最不可能建造城市的地方。这个面积只有不到7.8平方公里的城市,一度曾握有全欧洲最强大的人力、物力和权势。威尼斯的历史相传开始于公元453年;当时这个地方的农民和渔民为逃避酷嗜刀兵的游牧民...

(3分)概括压缩为:威尼斯将修建地下铁路 略

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In the 16th century, Venice declined little by little, and finally annexed by Austria-Hungary in 1797. In 1849, the anti-Austria War of Venice succeeded. In 1866, Venice joined in Italy again.



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