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Go to /do finish your homework quickly

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Today is my birthdag. My parents have a party for me.My friends come to my home by bike. They give me a cake. We are very happy.

The more quickly they do their homework, the more mistakes they will make. 他们作业做得越快,犯的错就越多

We will discuss about school students should do their homework or not., I think we shouldn't do our homework. Firstly,homework will take us a lot of extra-curricular time to finish. many of the time for the development of the h...

在星期六早上写作业 Write homework on Saturday morning

As a middle school student, it is our duty to study hard for a bright future. Doing homework can help us improve ourselves better. So I think we should do our homework. 作为一名中学生,努力学习为了一个光明的未来是我们的责任.做作...

1.Let us help you. 2.What should I do? 3. We shouldn't hurt ants. 4. How does your dad feel now? 5.How does foggy weather make you feel?

我就快完成作业了,英文是:I am to finish my homework. 句子解释: finish 英[ˈfɪnɪʃ] 美[ˈfɪnɪʃ] vt. 完成; 结束; 吃光; 使筋疲力尽; n. 结束; 结尾; 最后阶段; 抛光; [例句]As soon as he'd finish...


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