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一 1dressed like

为你解答。 (二) 1、I enjoy studying with my friends together. 2、Thanks so much for sending the flowers to me. 3、Is it easy for us to make friends? 4、My best friend likes to do the same things as me. 5、He is much less hard...


a little faster stronger than any other How many years more talented in or

为你解答。 1、same 2、doesn't 3、Although 4、What 5、his 6、else 7、outgoing 8、like 9、both 10、too

1play 2.in 3.clock4.and 5.But 6.happy

1. spend 2. for 3. from 4. with 5. go around 6. the same hobby 7. subject 8. to 9. live in 10. lessons

The more quickly they do their homework, the more mistakes they will make. 他们作业做得越快,犯的错就越多

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我就快完成作业了,英文是:I am to finish my homework. 句子解释: finish 英[ˈfɪnɪʃ] 美[ˈfɪnɪʃ] vt. 完成; 结束; 吃光; 使筋疲力尽; n. 结束; 结尾; 最后阶段; 抛光; [例句]As soon as he'd finish...


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