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His name is Ning Zetao.He is a Chinese swimmer.He took a number of prizes for his country.He is from Henan Province.His birthday is March 6, this year already 21 years old.He likes playing basketball and playing the guitarHis idol ispark taehwan.

With good looks, a perfect figure, and a total of four goldmedals,21-year-old athlete Ning Zetao easily proved himself tobe a rising star during the 17th Asian Games, which is being heldin Incheon, South Korea from Sept 19 to Oct 4.Ning won four

Sun Yang ,who was born on 1st December 1991 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Provinece.He is a Chinese Olympic and world-record-holdingdistance swimmer. He swam for China at the 2008 Olympics.At the 2010 Asian Games, he won the men's 1500m

My favourite swimmer is Sun Yang. He swims very fast. He took part in the last Olympic Games. He is my hero. He is 21 years oid. He is very tall. He is 198cm tall. He is cute. I love him.Sun Yang became the first Chinese male swimmer to earn gold


My Favourite Sport In summer,I just enjoy go to swim.Because the day in summer is very hot.So my favourite sport is swim.In morning,I went to swim with my parents.I played with them in the water,we play some games there.We are happy today.That


Sun Yang was born in December 1, 1991 in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou city Anhui, Huainan native, graduated from Zhejiang University Department of physical education, Chinese men's swim team athletes, the Olympic champion, world



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