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英语作文翻译。(thErE BE 句型) 我的学校 我的学校又大又漂亮,它的中央有一个操场。操场前

my school is so big and beautiful,there is a playground in the middle of school.the door in the front of the playground,the right of the door is a library ,in front of the library is a sports hall,the lift of the playground are dining hall and -,-is next from the door.

my dream school my dream school is very wonderful,my dream school is start eight a.m ,and finish four p.m.we have a PE class every day,l like sports.l like playing with my classmates at PE lessons.and l hope l have a music lesson every day ,

My school is very beautiful and it's very famous in our city. There are over 2000 students and more than 100 teachers here. All the students are kind to each other and all the teachers work hard to teach their students well. I like our school very much.

有许多花在我们学校里 There are many flowers in our school

1.I'm very happy to receive your letter, and I'm glad to hear that you will go to China to learn Chinese here. I have already found a fiat for you. It is on Fangcao Street, which is not far from Jianxin Chinese School. Bus No.11 can take you there, and

I'm studying in the (NO.1)school.It's very (big) and (clean).There are (42)classrooms ang (12)offices.There are two playgrounds in my school .We can have PEclass in the small playground and play basketball or football in the big playground.There

原发布者:度米文库 我的学校英语作文带翻译【篇一:初中英语作文:我的校园生活myschoollife】初中英语作文:我的校园生活myschoollifemynameislily,agradeeightstudent.ilikemyschoollifeverymuchbecauseitsreallyenjoyable.inschool,

My school is very beautiful. It is in Guicheng, near the Qiandeng Lake. Do you know it? It is Nanhai Experimental Primary School. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in my school. We have P.E. class on the playground and we often

I have a very beautiful school,it is called xxx.There are a lot of trees in our school.The trees give us many fresh air to make ourselves healthy.They are in the south of the school.And there athrown new buildings and an old building in the east of the

My school is a beautiful campus, you don't believe in? I take you to visit my school. You see, walked into the door, and two rows of stand proudly welcome our arrival, it is like a soldier standing guard, guard our campus. Back is a beautiful flower, open



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