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有很多,以下仅供参考 非正式道歉: Sorry一词常用于口语,多用于非正式的道歉。 I spilt your coffee. Sorry—that was clumsy of me. 我弄洒了你的咖啡。对不起,我真是笨手笨脚的。 I'm sorry to disturb you, but can I talk to you for a mo...

表示抱歉(Apologies): (1) 简单的表达道歉: A)Now, sometimes, especially with people you don’t know, it’s more polite to say ‘I’m sorry’. For example, imagine you’re in a library and you step backwards without looking and s...

pardon me , excuse me , forgive me , if you please , with your favor , with your leave , beg your pardon , it's my fault , I feel apologetic , I regret

It's okey. 没关系.it wasn't long unitl i came either.我也来没多久而已never mind that.别介意啦

打扰了表示歉意有几种说法: Sorry to bother you I'm sorry to interrupt I'm sorry to trouble you I'm sorry to bug you

英语道歉信范文及常用句式 道歉信是指因过失或疏忽做错了事,给别人带来了麻烦或损失,发觉后要立即写信给对 方赔礼道歉时写的信件。道歉是一种礼貌,道歉信要写得坦率,诚恳。 道歉信通常包括三部分内容: 1、表示歉意,道歉的原由; 2、出现差...

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Sorry to trouble you.

A:hi this is A.so sorry that our date must be cancelled because a car acident happened to me when i was trying to get there. can we make it another time? B:it s ok.we can make it monday. A:thx for your understanding.


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