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1.I hope you can put forwad at the time if I have done something wrong, I will correct it 2.I hope to learn more from you in the future.3.If there are any mistakes in my oral English, please help me correct it.

The art and soul with the dream of youth, and youth dance, dance dance of life.In this youth melody, with the rhythm feeling, our hearts have a cry.Youth also notes, played life movement.We are gathered here today to give love dance students aself display arena, experience with the graceful dance.求采纳

1 忽下忽停的春雨带来五月花 2 花关闭以前的事物一暴风雨 3 晚上红色和早晨灰色是一好日子的可靠的记号 4对你的帽子或者你给予晚上灰色和早晨红色将把你的头打湿

1. 尤金从来都是固执己见,和他争论是无用的;2. 自从迈克11岁那年成为职业运动员,他的父母和教练就期望他能成为世界冠军;3.澳大利亚不允许生产功能型饮料而是从新西兰引进.;4. 演奏吉他的最大好处是它可以代给你无限乐趣;5. 我们一小时内就能达到祖先们花几天才能到达的地方.6. 父母因为我不能解释原因而在争吵.7. 他骄傲地说自己在比赛中的作用却没提到队友们所作的一切.8. 所有会员将会收到系统自动发送的mail.翻译不对的地方,希望大家批评指正,谢谢!!!!!

1、In the morning, we put on the shoes, stout uncomfortable back pack good necessities to the backpack, mountains. 2、We climbed the hill, on top of the mountain, we saw a direction, and tell us where it go 3、Under the mountain, we came to a

1.I'm very pleased with your job! 2.You always speak exavtly! 3.You are successful in your business! 4.I feel respect for your job! 5.You are very humorous. 6.You are successful in your business! 7.How clever the child is ! 8.You look very great today! 9.

1.He wants to be a doctor when he grows up. 2.Both Michacl and Maria want to go to Canada. 3.Who is your favourite(或favorite) basketball player? 4.I want to become a teacher like her. 5.I saw Tom play computer game at 6 o'clock the day before yesterday. 我自认为英语不错..

1. During the period of my second day goes to a school term, I have had right away already the idea going to Korea Republic. My fond dream is to serve as one broker 2. Science department my meeting is chosen, the knowledge needing to carry

1、Teachers should pay more attention to individual differences of students 2、We should learn to respect other people's way of life 3、This beautiful clean city to the left a deep impression on foreign tourists 4、I think you have not recognized the importance of education 5、Wearing seat belts do you drive

英语水平不佳,但,很喜欢这段话 试着翻一下 If I can live again,I would cherish my childhood and got up early everyday for kindergarden without crying and dinning. If I can live again,I would behave myself and never trouble them. If I can live again,



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