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英语翻译:你打算去哪里度假? 我已经度过假了

你打算去哪里度假? 我已经度过假了 where do you plan to spend your

我们今年已经度过假了。 We have already been on holiday this

i made a plan which about how to spend holiday.

我做了一个怎样度过假期的计划 I made a plan for how to spend my h

1 I'm thinking about going to Beijing for a ho

I will come to your school because I will have a s

We'd like to spend our houliday in Canada. We

你们度过了一个友好的假期吗 Have you been a good holiday?

I had a very happy holiday! I in hefei, a small vi

How do you intend to spend your holidays? 您的支


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