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英语翻译 求大神帮忙 万分感谢!

It seems to me, first of all, to give employees a good working environment, such as clean and convenient. Second is the question of salary, money is not a panacea, but no money is absolutely indispensable, if your salary is not enough employees

你在哪啊?我最最亲爱的老婆,为什么让我苦等了那么多年?我发誓,只要你不嫌弃我,我将用毕生精力去守护你直到永远.Where are you, my dear wife? Why did you let me wait for you for so many years?I swear to God, If you don't mind me, I will take care of you from now on until forever!很希望我的回答会对你有帮助.如有不明白,可以再追问,若满意请采纳,谢谢你,并祝你进步!

Water is one of the most important ressourcen of the nature. No matter human being or other creature. without water, we can not live. But the useable water ressourcen is less and less, due to our destroy to the enviroment and too much waste. I hope

楼上都是机器翻译的,我自个写的,英语专业班底出身,靠谱!选我吧!希望可以帮到你.How are you? I miss you so much!Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner but I can't

She loves you right now, so don't close your eyes. (她正爱着你,所以请不要闭上你的眼睛)She'll be talking and laughing with six other guys. ( 她会和其他六个家伙一起谈笑)Flirtatious and cute, she'll take you the route telling "little girl" lies.

Treatment of the 7 copies of ecotype, tolerance of different cucumber materials from clover heart began to weak light treatment, after the classification with the varieties of cucumber was studied after the classification of male and female flower

Chinese TV shows should move a step further towards a higher level, which means the content of those shows should concentrate more on advocating cultural spirit, displaying national features, being inventive and vigorous, and completely

Based on landscape features, yuanmingyuan yuanmingyuan problems, tourist market situation, the SWOT analysis, the countermeasures for developing tourism etc, lack of survey tourism resources, not yuanmingyuan public recognition results,

I'll go out for some drink, tell me in advance when you decide to go bac

在上海中国人同外国人结婚已经非常普遍了(become) It has become quite common in Shanghai for Chinese people marrying foreigners.电脑的发明对科学的进步产生很大的影响(affect) The invention of computer has affected the



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