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who 改成she

Dear Andy,I am glad THAT you are coming to Chinaand will stay with me.My parents and I ARE very pleased to have you with us.Now let me (去掉to) tell you what we

At my school we live in the school dorm.There are ___ [dorm --dorms]three other students share my room.Colin is 1.85 centimetres tall.___ [share --sharing]Eric is of my height,talkative or friendly.Br

更正在括号处标出!It was a Saturday evening when my friends and I were playing (去掉the) football.With an important match coming the next week,we decided to practice

1 no--not2 so--but3 去掉only4. 去掉of5 study-studying6 learn 后加it7 learn-learning8 we 后面加are9 to speak --speaking10 去掉much

i went shopping with my wife. we have a lot of things to 56. _have改had(过去的事情用过去时) buy them. we drove to the center of the city and stopped 57. 去掉them(有很多要买的东西) our car in front of the shop. an hour late, we came back 58

去掉atthat 后面加 is去掉 hadhelp去掉sthat--topicture加sme---myselfthat--whichpainter前加a去掉it



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