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英文:buy Any lunch plus 1.9 yuan to buy suntory warm pomelo bottle。 日语:バイ・any lunchプラス1 . 9 yuan to buyサントリーwarm pomelo bottleだった。 书面语:买任意的一份便当,再加1.9元即可再获得三得利牌暖柚一瓶。

I don't blame that you think this girl is pretty,cause you're innocent in the world ,just like you never use google and can't translate this sentence.

This man is really of. Oh, you not only grow handsome, character or not. Oh, photography will begin to prepare it. This is how much time, always make such mistakes. People like you is how to become a broadcaster. I really don't...

零件 通用性 好 These parts fit all occasions

I am better in written English rather than oral English. I don‘t know how to express my ideas in English. You're coming. 希望可以帮到你^_^

有时,英语口语完全不同于英语书面语 The spoken English is completely different from the written English sometimes.

大学期间她之前没有通过的科目现在已经通过补考全部顺利通过了的英文翻译 During the University before she did not pass the subject has now passed through all the make-up [原文]大学期间她之前没有通过的科目现在已经通过补考全部顺利通过了

(男不用说了,一看就知道了)I'm 22 years old and have just graduated from Zhongshan University this year.My major was administration.Four years ago,I began to work as a lobby manager in the bank of China.Through the work there ...

In addition, the most important and the most serious questions as follows: first, the family has serious suspected fake deposit, the monthly salary parents do not add up to twenty thousand yuan, the year four hundred thousand i...



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