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in view of in consideration of take into consideration

I don't blame that you think this girl is pretty,cause you're innocent in the world ,just like you never use google and can't translate this sentence.

This man is really of. Oh, you not only grow handsome, character or not. Oh, photography will begin to prepare it. This is how much time, always make such mistakes. People like you is how to become a broadcaster. I really don't...

Don't eat very want to, to eat and don't want to . 望采纳谢谢。


Don't be angry. ******************************************************************* 加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请及时采纳,谢谢! *******************************************************************

前年 简单了点,不懂可以追问,但是望采纳

dog waste scooper pooper scooper 当然很多产品不见得用waste或 pooper 这样的不雅词汇 会取一个好听的名称 但基本会用scooper表明是拾便器

在参考资料里有 你找illness这个词 里面都是以I开头的,按顺序比较的 在第八个比较组里就有关于疾病的几个词的书面与口语用法 以sickness更正式化些!

大学期间她之前没有通过的科目现在已经通过补考全部顺利通过了的英文翻译 During the University before she did not pass the subject has now passed through all the make-up [原文]大学期间她之前没有通过的科目现在已经通过补考全部顺利通过了


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