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dog waste scooper pooper scooper 当然很多产品不见得用waste或 pooper 这样的不雅词汇 会取一个好听的名称 但基本会用scooper表明是拾便器

中文: 对经认定批准具有软件企业资格的属于增值税一般纳税人的服务外包企业,销售其自行开发的软件产品,在2010年底前按17%的法定税率征收增值税后,对其实际税负超过3%的部分实行即征即退;退回的增值税税款由企业用于研究开发软件产品和扩大...

口语的翻译为Spoken English或Oral English.书面语为Written English.

有时,英语口语完全不同于英语书面语 The spoken English is completely different from the written English sometimes.

菏泽牡丹栽培面积8万余亩,有九大色系、四大花型,1156个品种,是目前世界上目前世界上最大的牡丹观赏基地、苗木繁育基地、科研基地和出口创汇基地。 Heze peony cultivated area 80,000 acres, has nine color fastens, four pattern, 1156 cul...

英文:buy Any lunch plus 1.9 yuan to buy suntory warm pomelo bottle。 日语:バイ・any lunchプラス1 . 9 yuan to buyサントリーwarm pomelo bottleだった。 书面语:买任意的一份便当,再加1.9元即可再获得三得利牌暖柚一瓶。

I don't blame that you think this girl is pretty,cause you're innocent in the world ,just like you never use google and can't translate this sentence.

This man is really of. Oh, you not only grow handsome, character or not. Oh, photography will begin to prepare it. This is how much time, always make such mistakes. People like you is how to become a broadcaster. I really don't...

书面 そうでは决まります。 口语 そうじゃ决めた。

I am better in written English rather than oral English. I don‘t know how to express my ideas in English. You're coming. 希望可以帮到你^_^


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