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罢工很难平衡,但是实际上保持质量,确保尽可能多的孩子和年长的人也有在数量上的激增超过25应用,和我们很多人是在25.但我们得对平衡.它将明年对我们来说很困难.Given the cuts that the government announced a couple of weeks

Oh (Oh) Oh Oh哦(哦)哦(哦)哦 哦 I'm laying here dreaming, Staring at the ceiling我盯着天花板塑造我的梦想 Wasting the day away浪费了一天的时间The world's flying by our window outside我们窗外的世界在转 But hey baby thats OK嗨,宝贝

Sea sunset at that moment, is in the bottom of my heart the most beautiful scenery.Sea sunset, ah, the scenery -- time seems to stop at that moment. The moment is like tide submerged continent, blows my mind, I remember.It is our family drove to

没问题,我不但翻译成英语,还翻译成其它文字: 这是英语:The teacher be nice! I am the Beijing University attached elementary school sixth grade eight classes a

Sailing college is to cultivate talents of all kinds of ship the good school, as a professional shipping talent, train for shipping industry make contribution for the mission. In such an environment, I mastered the certain specialized knowledge and to

I know from the newspaper that The Shanghai World Expo is upcoming and they are recruiting volunteers. I'm so honered to introduce myself here. I'm a senior high school student. I'm very good at drawing and dancing. My English is very good,

One girl is eager to see their boyfriends tears, that man has never been strong in front of her Liuguo Lei, life year by year in the past, they allow girls to become more curious about the happiness of men's tears, I really wonder when he cry again? "

翻译成:10 days of the new East trip, and usually do not have the same experience. In this 10 days, we laughed together, cried together, class, with a joke…… in this 10 days, I harvest the friendship and love. Although the short 10 days, but I am very

每天当我醒来时,我将为你着想 什么样美人life!!! 我富人宝贵和独一无二 你是在我的一生中星 照亮所有的在whoie wniverse中黑暗 给出自我勇气和力量剩下的右手击球员的左后方场地 非常使我的生活变得更热情 你公亩微风的跳过真实爱的永恒火焰 无论什么将发生 无论什么正在上在词流传 我意愿从不略放弃我们love.For无足轻重的理由

现在你住在远离我,我的意思是这种情况正在折磨我,但我在我心里知道,我们正在做没有问题.我不想失去你给任何人或任何人想对你说.我想让你知道我爱从我心中最深沉的一份子.我总是这样讲不出话来当谈到你,我只是希望有另一种方式,我们可以在一起. 我想让你始终会,没有什么大不了是永远不会改变我对你的感觉我爱你!爱可以让你做的事情,你永远无法想象的.见,有一个地方,在我还是休息您的指纹,你的亲吻仍然存在,你轻轻地耳语回声.这是地方你的一部分将永远是我的一部分.我保证,你永远在我心.我爱你. 永远爱你, LYY


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