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一首抒情的英文歌 女的唱的其中有一句是sEi一夜 诶也哪位大神知道


很难找啊,你能不能把歌曲链接发过来听一下.根据你的补充,最接近是这首歌,王若琳的一首蓝调《I Love You》,歌词如下:i love yousay we're together babyyou and mei can only give my lifeand show you all i amin the breath i breathei will

jennifer love hewitt的《you》 歌手:Jennifer Love Hewitt《You》Hold me now 抱着我Stop the morning light from breaking 别让晨光打搅Something's coming over me 什么支配着我Don't know what it is i'm saving 不知我在挽回什么The clock ticks

i kissed a girl 播放歌手:katy perrythis was never the way i plannednot my intentioni got so brave, drink in handlost my discretionit's not what, i'm used tojust wanna try you oni'm curious for youcaught my attentioni kissed a girl and i liked itthe taste

You are so yesterday--------TONI BRAXTON

歌曲 Big Girls Don't Cry 歌手Fergieda da da da The smell of your skin lingers on me now You're probably on your flight back to your hometown I need some shelter of my own protection baby Be with myself in center, clarity, peace, serenity I hope you

雨爱 - 杨丞琳词:Wonderful曲:金大洲峰窗外的天气就像是你多变的表情下雨了 雨陪我哭泣看不清 我也不想看清离开你 我安静的抽离不忍揭晓的剧情我的泪流在心里 学会放弃听雨的声音 一滴滴清晰你的呼吸像雨滴渗入我的爱里真希望雨能下


McFly - One For The Radio ★ 卜超 制作Here's another song for the radio!Life isn't fair for the people who careStick your nose in the air and that's how you go farSo go tell your lovers, your fathers and brothersYour sisters and mothers how lucky they

应该是女声版i'm yours吧原唱是jason mrazWell you done done me and you bet I felt itI tried to be chill but your so hot that I meltedI fell right through the cracks now I'm tryin to get backbefore the cool done run out I'll be givin it my best testand nothin's


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