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一首男的唱的英文歌,记得歌词里有他一个人听All By mysElF这首歌这样的歌词。有些伤感。求大...

人鬼情未了oh, my love, my darling 噢,我的爱人,我亲爱的 [00:28]I've hungered for your touch [00:34]Alone, lonely time 我渴望你的接触已太久而孤单! [00:45]And time goes by so slowly 时间过得多么慢啊 [00:56]yet time can do so much 然而其

All By Myself 的意思是:独自一人.《all by myself》这首歌是美国歌手Eric Carmen于1975年所创,出现于该歌手的个人首张专辑且是同名专辑All By Myself中.这首歌一出现,深受人们的欢迎,并于1976年成为了全美6周亚军单曲.该歌是根据

是不是Because You Live啊Because You LiveJesse McCartneyStaring out at the rain with a heavy heart心情沉重凝视窗外的雨It′s the end of the world in my mind如同世界末日降临心际Then your voice calls me back like a wake up call你的声音把我

Daisy lane歌手Stereophonics.希望是你要找的


你好!看看是不是Tamas wells 的Valder fields,很好听.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

是 staring the moon so blue ,不是yesterday这首歌是迈克学摇滚的you took my heart away

all about you - hilary duffyou could be my dirty secret(i could be yours)we could only be a rumor(never be sure)you could meet me in the backseat(late night)a ticket up in first class(mile high)cause hey baby, baby you got me soso goodhey baby, baby i

是one……two……吧?我真的不知道你在说什么,线索太少了,根本就是大海捞针,我推荐几首歌给你听吧ne yo heartbreakers 、mad 、r.kelly piano lessonakon be with youno more youthe fray look after you 、never say neverbabyface wonderful tonight 、 i said i love youjason mraz i'm yours 、luckymika lollipop 、happy ending 、 grace kelly

这个我倒不知道,不过我有一些好的你看看【Anaesthesia】Maximilian Hecker强烈推荐 【Summer Days In Bloom】Maximilian Hecker力推! 【end of May】Keren Ann 【gotta have you】The Weepies调调很特别,我用它做过背景音乐. 【i



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