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Please Don't Go - Joel Adams

《Please Don't Go》 Nobody ever knows ,谁也不知道 Nobody ever sees,谁也没见到 I left my soul,我丢弃了自己的灵魂 Back then, no I'm too weak,那时不是我太软弱 Most nights I pray for you to come home,多少夜晚我祈祷你回家 Prayi...

你是不是记错了,不是中文吧,看下这个歌应该是你要找的Joel adams-please don't go

李荣浩 《嗯》,你这个词匮乏的只剩下个嗯这要我怎么办。。

Please Don't Go不用谢应该就是这个

你去找找日本做曲家:大野克夫 名侦探柯南里面的一首一直嗯嗯的歌曲,歌曲名日文来的不会打。

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Enchanted - Taylor Swift There I was again tonight forcing laughter faking smiles Same old tired lonely place Walls of insincerity Shifting eyes and vancancy vanished when I saw your face All I can say is it was enchanting to m...

please don’t go


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