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Chinese language on Friday's first class

We have Chinese classes in the morning the first class.相信我吧 望采纳 谢谢啦

Get to school in the morning on the first class in Chinese

have Chinese classes on Monday.在星期一就是on Monday.(have Chinese classes 就是上语文课的意思, Wednesday and Friday


1 we have math,chinese and english lesson every day.2 we have a computer lesson friday.3 they have an art lesson every thursday morning.

在星期五上午你有什么课?我有语文课和英语课.的英文:What lessons do you have on Friday morning? I have Chinese and English.

We have classes from Monday to Friday and we have both Chinese and math every day. We have English lessons from Tuesday to Friday.

翻译如下:星期一我有英文课,数学课和语文课.I have to attend English, math and Chinese classes on monday.

have a Chinese lesson


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