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whats your namegood afternoon

小学 primary school 近义词或词组 elementary school | junior school | grade school | a primary school 小学 [xiǎo xué] primary school; elementary school 短语 小学教师 primary school teacher

小学生的英文是Pupil. pupil 英 [pju:pl]美 [pjupl] 扩展资料1.Be a pupil before you become a teacher. 先做学生,后做先生. 2.The pupil's answers may not have been reflective of what the class as a whole had understood. 这个学生的回答也

一般说来,at表活动,in表在某个范围,比如:He is at the factory.他在工厂上班. He is in the factory.他在工厂里.但有时也可以换用,比如:at school=in school

小学elementary school

I teach math in a primary school.直译此句:我在小学教数学.

pupil 小学生 student 大学生

小学:primary school 初中:junior middle school 高中:senior high school 小学生:pupil、primary scholar

“我是一名小学生”翻译为:I am a pupil. pupil 英 [pju:pl] 美 [pjupl] n.学生;[解]瞳孔;未成年人;[法]被监护人 复数: pupils In front of this holy and lofty word, I am a pupil who need enlightened forever. 在这神圣而崇高的字眼面前,我永远



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