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A wise man once said,' you have to take aim if you want to hit the target!' It is very real to all that if we ever want to achieve something, we must first set the goal. Without the goal, there is no fixed direction for us to travel. It serves as a beacon beam

Environment is my top concernNowadays ,with the fantastic spurt of science and technolody,people worldwide are now live in a terrifically wonderful world of unprecedent

母亲,是世界上最伟大、最崇高的人了. 我从呱呱坠地开始,便沐浴在母爱的阳光中.为了把我抚养好,一个母亲能做到的她都做到了.给我印象最深,使我倍加感激的是母亲那和蔼、真挚的微笑.我有了进步,她微笑着表扬我;我有了过失,她微笑着批评我;我骄傲自满时,她微笑着给我泼点凉水;我颓废失意时,她微笑着给我添点动力……我是在母亲微笑的甘露浇灌下茁壮成长起来的一株小树,我是在母亲微笑的春风拂煦下绽开的一朵小花.

Thank You, Teacher. I would like to say, thank you ,dear teacher. You always treat us students as your own children. No matter how bad the weather is or how sick you are feeling. You never miss the classes because your personal reason. I would like

The poet said: spring flowers to the door pushed open . i said: thanksgiving to the door pushed open the living. if you carefully listen to the voices of flowers, are everywhere harmonious life movement. Then, as a middle school student, how

我最感激的一个人 学会感激,是一门必修课.小鸟感谢天空,是天空让它自由翻飞;小溪流感谢波涛汹涌的大海,是大海让它认识了许多伙伴;而我,则要感谢你,是你让我懂得了许多许多……是你,让我懂得了:高调做事,永不言弃.那一夜

感恩是学会做人的支点,感恩之心是一种美好的感情,是对世间所有人所有事给予自己的帮助表示感激,铭记在心,感恩是我们民族的优良传统,是一个正直的人的起码品德. 感恩的关键在于回报.回报,就是对哺育、培养、教导、指引、帮

Thanksgiving Thank God for giving me such good family,such good teachers,such good friends,such good food,such good place,such good health and so on.I am a lucky man in the world.What a fortunate life I have. Since I was born,my mum took

“感恩”-母亲,参考:)~Thanksgiving during the week of Mother's Day,I would like to write the words to my mun , mum, your efforts, you expection, only for our healthy growing up and living. Mum, you take the trouble, but leave love to us.mum,

Dear Tony: Thanks for your letter, I am in Beijing. Beijing is a city, the traffic is very rich, of course, the bus also has a lot of. To hear you say your grandpa will come to Beijing? I was so happy, very welcome your grandpa coming, I think Beijing is also


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