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我们是兄弟 翻译一下 “我们是兄弟” 翻译一下,英语怎么说???


你好!Would rather to say we are brothers,not friends.希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

Brothers should be brothers地道英语表达.

既然我们是兄弟,那我们就应该团结.英文怎么翻译? 既然我们是兄弟,那我们就应该团结. Since we are brothers, we should unite.

可以的.我的老外朋友就会这么说.但是brother要变复数:We are brothers.

we are brother foever

这些是我的兄弟用英文怎么说. 这些是我的兄弟 These are my broth ers. 望采纳 !!!!

you are my brother.最好说we are brothers,我们是兄弟

Now that we're brothers, we should be United.

兄弟们'这首歌是送给你们的'我们是兄弟'永远都是'Hi, bros, this song is specially for you,it's name is "We are brothers",and I hope we can keep RIGHT this way forver.


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