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What time do you go home from school?望楼主采纳!

返回学校return to school;go back to school;be back to school造句:we must return to school before the new term starts in september.我们必须在九月1日新学期开学前返回学校.

My school is quite close to my house.So I always walk to school by myself.I don't need anybody's care,for I think I have already grown up.During my walk,I can appreciate the street scenery,such as flowers,grasses,modern buildings and all kinds of

how can i get back to home from school

有人说:家就像宁静的港湾,为我们遮风挡雨;家就像温馨的摇篮,使我们度过美好童年;她是心灵的归宿,快乐的源泉,有了小家,才有大家.在家中生活了十一年,我真正感受到了这句话的含义,我爱我家,更爱我的家人. 我家有四口人

When my father comes back to school and pick me up at the school on Friday. 每当周五我的爸爸回来学校接我回家.

.,希望有用..自己翻的.Xiao Zhang in his way home from school by a taxi from the bike down into.

I am going to go to school/home I will go to school/home 对的 请注意哈!一般将来时结构:be going to、will do go to school是一个固定词组:去学校 现在进行时结构;be +V-ing (有时现在进行时代替一般将来时) i'm going to school 是我正在去学校 I am going to go to school/ I will go to school.我将要去学校.

我将要回家了I am going home楼上的太罗嗦用进行时表示进来有不会的可以再问我

I go to school on foot I often walk to school My father go to school by car My mother go home by bus .望采纳


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