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I won't marry you.

i want to marry you.will you marry me?would you marry me?

i don't want to marry too early and i don't want to make boy -friend too earyly, either.

Also is today ,is the marriage registration period of my best friday.I will never forget those past beautiful days ,when you sit opposite me ,and then you answer his telephone,the tears around your laps, you don't have to say that I have guessed the

我什么也不会I don't know anything例句我什么也不会拿,你知道这次不是我结婚.I won't take anything. I'm not getting married this time, you know.

高中水平:I will never marry you.高考水平:Never will I marry you.四级水平:You are the last man I am willing to marry.六级水平:Under no circumstances will I marry you.GRE水平:If you were the last man in the world, I would definitely remain

如果说的是人生阶段:你不要太早结婚.Ne te marie pas trop tt. 您不要太早结婚.Ne vous mariez pas trop tt.如果说是一天中的时间早晚:你的婚礼不要安排得太早.Il ne faut pas que la cérémonie de ton mariage soit trop tt dans la journée.

i will wait for you. until you get married

I love you. Want to a lifetime with you, but now I haven't really chasing my dream, I don't want to so early engagement

"never ever" 给你个例子:I wil never ever forgive you! 我永远不会原谅你. 其实never已经是永远不会的意思了,如果要加重语气就可以加ever


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