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她为了成为一名英语老师而努力学习英语 She studies English hard [to] [become] an English teacher.

he works hard in study,and is good at chinese and english. she wants to be a teacher when she grows old, because she likes children and enjoys playing with them

他是一名学习非常努力的学生,用定语从句翻译是:He is a student who is very hard-working.句子解释:student 英[stju:dnt] 美[stu:dnt] n. 中学生; 学生,大学生; 研究者,学者; 初学者; [例句]Warren's eldest son is an art student, at St

I want to be a teacher,so I will study hard.望采纳谢谢

I'm WangYan.My dream is to be an English teacher.My Enlish teacher is very outstanding and I want to be a person like her.I think being a teacher I can teach what I learn to my students. If my students get good marks, I will feel happy and be full of

he studied so hard that all of the teachers like him

李明是一个好学生, 学习很努力.英语:Li Ming is a good student, and he works hard in his study.

He studies hard in order to enter a good university.

HE study English very hard.

In order to achieve high grades, he studies English very hard



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