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Many students even those junior ones have got their own cellphone now, and they like to take along with their cellphones at school.I think this would lead to problems rather than benifit.Students now are studying hard every minute to have a good


Some people say that is harmful for those students who take cellphone in school,I think it depends.Cellphone can be used in many ways for students,for example,calling,keeping or developing relationships with others,even playing game on it!Most

Today,more and more teenagers have their own mobile phones.They chat with friends,play games,listen to music by using phones. In my opoinion,I think teenagers shouldn't bring phones to school.Many students play phone games in class .They

不知道您要怎样难度的,下面是一篇文章,供参考: The view of university students'using cell phones As time goes by,cell phones are becoing cheaper and cheaper.As a result,more and more university students start to use cell phones.Some

中学生使用手机影响学习、影响他人和集体 高中生自控能力较差,当他们对课堂内容感觉枯燥乏味时,就会用手机玩游戏、发短信,甚至通话,课堂纪律及听课质量受到影响.有的学生上课不关机而是把手机调为震动,一旦有电话打进,往往是想接又不敢接,并猜测是谁打来的电话,从而无法集中精神.高中学生频繁使用手机不仅影响自己,还会影响和干扰他人的学习、生活.这样的镜头并不少见:课堂内,老师正讲得投入,少数同学在下面低头发短信,玩的不亦乐乎;寝室内,别的同学要休息,少数同学手机屏幕闪亮,喋喋不休,害得室友不能入睡.诸如此类,老师和同学抱怨纷纷.

Now many students have a mobilephone.They think it is cool to bring a mobilephone.But is it good for students?Some think it is good for students to bring a mobilephone.Because if the students have something,they can use the mobilephone to let

Using cell phone at school has it good side and bad side. The good side is student can use it to communicate with his or her parents in case any emergency situation. So, the parents won't be worried where to find their kid. The bad side is students

Cellphones are becoming more and more popular among the middle school students at present.About that,people have different opinions. Some think it is good for students to bring a cellphone because it's more convenient to contact to each other.


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